Toilet Cleaner Refill | Seabreeze
Toilet Cleaner Refill | Seabreeze
Toilet Cleaner Refill | Seabreeze
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Toilet Cleaner Refill | Seabreeze

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The World Toilet Organization ( or such an organisation exists) believes the average joe uses the loo 2,500 times a year - or 6 to 8 times a day. Assuming we all keep our toilets clean, that’s a lot of loo cleaner we flush away.

Unfortunately plastic bottles from most toilet cleaners can also make their way into our oceans. Why not purchase our Stainless Steel container and say NO TO PLASTIC.

My toilet cleaner strips bad smells from your loo and replaces them with fragrances of the ocean and seafront. It’s hygienic, potent and will help minimise your environmental impact: you’ll flush away eco-friendly ingredients from plastic-free packaging.


  • Contains less than 5% non-ionic surfactants
  • Perfume (linalool)


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