Bamboo Charcoal | Body and Facial Bar
Front view of Fancy Black, a handmade, organic soap bar
Bamboo Charcoal | Body and Facial Bar
3 stacked bars of Fancy Black, a handmade, organic soap bar
Bamboo Charcoal | Body and Facial Bar
Top view of Fancy Black, a handmade, organic soap bar
Side view of Fancy Black, a handmade, organic soap bar
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Bamboo Charcoal | Body and Facial Bar

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Product description

There’s something pure about washing with charcoal. It reminds me ingredients come from the natural world we’re entrusted with in a way bottled soaps never could. Some folks are intimidated or put-off using charcoal soaps – but there’s no need. It might not be an ingredient you’re accustomed to rubbing into your skin, but the cleansing effect will quickly overcome any hesitation. While cleaning your skin, Charcoal is 90gs of soap that's clean to the environment too – it’s made from all organic, vegan ingredients and I'll deliver it to you plastic-free.

Activated charcoal soaps are incredible skin cleansers. They work like a vacuum that pull toxins, bacteria, excess sebum and other undesirables out of your skin - but far more gently than other cleansers. This makes Charcoal a great treatment for acne and the battle against stubborn blackheads; but even if you’re lucky enough to live an acne and blackhead-free life, Charcoal will still boost your complexion by pulling all kinds of impurities out. Pairing charcoal with tea tree and geranium essential oils make Charcoal an acne buster, but I blended them in for soothing and healing properties too. Tea tree oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory that even helps scarred areas; geranium oil is also part of the anti-inflammatory club and reduces the size of large pores.

Charcoal is a handmade soap I created using the cold process method, so weight is approximate.


  • Aqua
  • Castor oil
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Coconut oil
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Jojoba
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Sugar
  • Sunflower oil
  • Tea tree and Geranium EO
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Soy Wax



Why should I use a soap bar instead of shower gel?

Firstly, because you’ll be keeping a plastic bottle out of a landfill or our oceans! But the right bar will can have superior benefits for your skin too. Soap bars contain more natural ingredients and less additives (or none, if you buy What on Earth), which means they are almost always more skin friendly. Plus because soap bars aren't counted as liquids they make for the perfect hygiene companion for flight travel. No pesky confiscations at customs, unless of course they want  Charcoal for themselves.

Aren't soap bars more expensive than shower gel?

A handmade product like Charcoal may cost you more up front, but soap bars last far longer than a bottled gel. It’s much easier to judge how much soap you need when you’re lathering it from a bar, so you waste less - and how much gel slips through your fingers and straight down the drain everyday? Keep it in a cool, dry place (like your bathroom cupboard) and use all the scraps to make Charcoal even longer. Unless you’re a giant, your soap bar will last longer and save you money each wash. 

Another tip for making your soap bar go further is investing in a eco-friendly bamboo pouf or natural sea sponge. They'll make beautiful bubbles and save you applying the soap directly to your skin.

Do soap bars carry bacteria?

This is a common worry when switching to a bar, and understandably. Fortunately there are reliable studies showing that while bars may carry some bacteria once used, you won’t get an infection or illness from them – so no need to worry.

Do soap bars expire?

Because soap bars are mostly composed of oils and butter they can easily last up to 3 years without spoiling. Natural changes will occur as you use it; colour may change and the scents will mature – but these are normal and won’t affect the wash or how hygienic they are. 

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