Conditioner Bar | Handmade | Organic Hair Conditioner
Bars of Conditioner Bar, a handmade, organic conditioner
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Conditioner Bar | Handmade | Organic Hair Conditioner

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Product description

This conditioner pairs wonderfully with any of my shampoo bars, and by washing with a body bar you could be on the way to eliminating plastic from your bathroom. Good for our planet and very good for your health. You may be hesitant about switching from bottle to conditioner bar, but I know first-hand this conditioner will work as well as bottled alternatives (and better than many), is super convenient (ever had conditioner leek into your gym or travel bag?) and cost-effective (it will probably last around 3 times longer than a bottle of conditioner.

You’ll recognise the Linseed Oil and Cocoa butter, but the conditioner is enriched with a host of other organic ingredients. Vegetarian Keratin is one of the main building blocks for your hair. Meadow Foam Oil comes in to reduce frizz and give your hair shine, while Cetyl alcohol (do not drink, by the way) is a powerful softener. BTMS-50 (which sounds scary, but actually comes from Rapeseed oil) brings everything together and gives the conditioner its creamy texture. Like my shampoo and body bars, this conditioner is handmade so the weight will be approximate but close.

Approx: 50g Bar


  • BTMS-50
  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Cocoa butter
  • Vege Keratin
  • Lemon & Lime EO
  • Meadow Foam Oil
  • Linseed Oil

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