Why Choose What On Earth?


Eco-friendly:  The act of living with intent and not creating harm to the environment. Preventing as much harm from occurring to the environment through how we live, what we purchase and how we consume it. It's not just an idea but it extends to actual practices that influence how communities, businesses and individuals conduct themselves.

Zero-Waste: This is one of the fastest and easiest ways that communities can positively impact our environment right now, by choosing to reuse | refill | repost our silicone plastic-free packaging. It creates a sustainable model that reduces landfill waste, global warming and plastic pollution.

By choosing What On Earth, you become part of the solution by Reducing plastic pollution and Reusing your own containers. Once Refilling them with our detergents you Repost our silicone pouches back to us for free. Our subscriptions allow you to sign up once and never run out of cleaning products again. 

  • You save money and time when subscribing 
  • Reduce landfill waste with our plastic-free packaging
  • Get free delivery
  • Cost effective and efficient products
  • Manage your own "customer portal", delivery schedules and more
  • Delay deliveries when you go on holiday, or cancel at any time
  • Great customer service: we are always happy to help