Click and Collect Terms and Conditions

The refillable silicone pouches are property of What on Earth.

Our business model is a ‘refill-repost’ subscription that relies on the pouches being returned back to What on Earth. This ensures the pouches can be kept in circulation, and other orders can be fulfilled.

If the pouches are not returned to What on Earth within the specified time period, they require replacing to sustain our ‘refill-repost’ subscription model.

All customers need to adhere to What on Earth’s terms and conditions in order for us to reach our zero-waste goals.

The steps for terms and surcharges are as follows:

  1. Receive you order and decant the detergent into your containers.
  2. When you collect your next subscription order, you are required to return the silicone pouches at PickUp.

If the pouches have not been returned when collecting your next order, you will be charged a fee of £4/pouch + £2/pouch admin fee.

  1. When the pouches are returned undamaged, a refund of £4/pouch will be credited to your account.

We appreciate all that you are doing to help sustain a greener planet, and so endeavour to make our refill-repost model as easy as possible.

We ask that each customer work with us towards a sustainable model that will benefit us all.