How does the REFILL-RETURN-REPEAT system work?

If you are Click & Collecting your order:

All our eco-detergents come in refillable silicone pouches. When purchased, you simply decant the contents into your containers or one of our own and return the pouches to us. (milk-man-style)

Location Pickup: Jesmond Newcastle, NE2

All orders will be placed in or near the green parcel box situated on our doorstep.


A detailed address will be emailed on checkout.

Collection times: Monday-Sunday


Alternative pickup times can be arranged by contacting us via: / Message us through our online store/ Connect through social media. 

Our system is easy, just drop off your silicone pouch when you collect your next order. 

Step 1

REFILL: detergent into your container or one of our own. Rinse and dry silicone pouches

Step 2

RETURN: Place the silicone pouch into the brown bag provided. Do not remove the slip inside –this is to identify that the pouch being returned belongs to you.

If you have removed this slip by accident, please write your full name and postcode on the bag.

Step 3

REPEAT: Pick up your next order and return the silicone pouches at the same time.

If you have forgotten your pouches and need to return them, just drop the envelope in the green parcel box provided, outside the Jesmond pickup location and a refund of £4/pouch will be credited to your account.

Of course, I’ll happily refund the £4/pouch surcharge if the pouches are returned.

If you have your order posted:

Your pouches will need returning to my warehouse no later than 7 days from receiving your delivery.

Step 1

REFILL: Decant detergent into your containers or one of our own. Rinse and dry silicone pouches.

 Step 2

RETURN: DO NOT FOLD the silicone pouches but simply place them into the Business Reply Envelope provided, peel and seal to close the envelope securely.

DO NOT REMOVE the paper insert – I won’t be able to identify the pouches have been returned by you, and the system will show you have not returned them. If you have removed this label by accident, write your full name and postcode on a piece of paper and insert it inside the envelope so I can identify you.

Place ONLY 4 or less silicone pouches inside the business reply envelope.

If you have ordered more than 4 silicone pouch refills, then a second envelop will be provided. Go to your nearest postbox and fold the envelope tightly and simply post it through. Click on the link to help find your closest postbox:

If you place more than 4 pouches it will not fit through the opening of the red post box.

Step 3

REPEAT: when you need another refill, just order online like before and enjoy NOT having to go and buy a plastic bottled product.


Terms and Conditions:

When clicking on the “checkout” box within your cart, you ticked the “I agree to the terms and condition” box.

We thought it would be helpful to review those terms.

The refillable silicone pouches are property of What on Earth.

Our business model is a ‘refill-return-repeat’, which relies on the pouches being returned back to What On earth.

This ensures the pouches can be kept in circulation, and other orders can be fulfilled (milk-man style)

If the pouches are not returned to What on Earth within the specified time period, they require replacing to sustain our zero-waste model.

All customers need to adhere to What on Earth’s terms and conditions in order for us to reach our zero-waste goals.

  1. Receive you order- refill your containers.
  2. Follow the ‘Returning your refillable silicone pouches’ instructions above.

 If the pouches are not handed over within the time allocated in the instructions:

  1. A surcharge of £4/pouch + £2/pouch admin fee with be added to your account
  2. If the pouches are retuned undamaged, a refund of £4/pouch will be credited to your account.

We appreciate all that are doing to help sustain a greener planet, and so endeavour to make our refill-repost model as easy as possible. We ask that each customer work with us towards a sustainable model that will benefit us all.