How does the refill subscription work?

Returning your refillable silicone pouches

Thank you for choosing What on Earth to reduce waste and single-use plastics in your home; I am so excited to help you on your journey to becoming a zero-waste and plastic-free family. The things we choose to do today make a difference in the future.

What happens now? You can choose how often you would like you order delivered to you and you can edit, pause and cancel at any time as long as the silicone pouches have been returned.

When- You will be notified 3 days before your next order is being processed, this will be your chance to adjust your order if you choose to do so.

How- Login to your customer profile using the details you used when creating your account and click on “manage subscriptions”

What- In your user-friendly customer portal you can swap a product, pause, change the frequency of your monthly subscription order, or cancel your account at any time.

What do I do with the Silicone pouches?

Your pouches will need returning to my warehouse no later than 7 days from receiving your delivery. To stop reposting them slipping your mind I’ll send you 2 email reminders. If you forget to return the pouches, I’ll still get your next order out to you - but unfortunately, I’ll need to add a surcharge of £4/pouch+£2/pouch admin fee which will be charged to your debit card.

Of course, I’ll happily refund the £4/pouch surcharge if the pouches are returned.

Step 1

Rinse and dry silicone pouches; seal pouches with the black sliding seal.

Step 2

DO NOT FOLD the silicone pouches; place them into the Business Reply Envelope, peel and seal to close the envelope securely. DO NOT REMOVE the paper insert – I won’t be able to identify the pouches have been returned by you, and the system will show you have not returned them.

If you have removed this label by accident, write your full name and postcode on the envelope so I can identify they’re from you.

Step 3

4 pouches or less

4 silicone pouches or less will fit neatly into your nearest postbox. Just pop them in and your good to go! You can find your nearest postbox here

Remember that all your return postage is already paid for – so sending the pouches back is FREE to you.

Terms and Conditions:

The refillable silicone pouches are property of What on Earth.

Our business model is a ‘refill-repost’ subscription that relies on the pouches being posted back to What on Earth within 7 days of delivery. This ensures the pouches can be kept in circulation, and other orders can be fulfilled.

If the pouches are not returned to What on Earth within the specified time period, they require replacing to sustain our ‘refill-repost’ subscription model.

All customers need to adhere to What on Earth’s terms and conditions in order for us to reach our zero-waste goals.

The steps for terms and surcharges are as follows:

  1. Receive you order- refill your containers.
  2. By day 7- follow the ‘Returning your refillable silicone pouches’ instructions above.

If the pouches have not been received by day 12:

  1. Day 12 & 15 – emails will be sent out to remind the customer to return the pouches
  2. Day 19 – A final reminder will be sent
  3. Day 25 – A surcharge of £4/pouch + £2/pouch admin fee with be added to your account
  4. Day 28- Your next order will be processed 
  5. If the pouches are retuned undamaged, a refund of £4/pouch will be credited to your account.

We appreciate all that are doing to help sustain a greener planet, and so endeavour to make our refill-repost model as easy as possible.

We ask that each customer work with us towards a sustainable model that will benefit us all.