What on Earth Are We About

We aim to combat single-use plastic and reduce effects of climate change by refilling household detergents to promote a green earth.
We help the environment by offering a plastic free online refill station, nationwide in the UK. Recycle your silicone pouch refills with our subscription time-saving model.

Hi, my name is Esole' Duff and my story started in July 2018 when I became aware (as many of us did) of the global crisis concerning single-use plastic pollution. Stick with me here.

Ive always considered myself somebody who did my part, you know, recycle this and try and not waste food and reuse what I can: mainly to save money.

Being a mom of 3 boys who are constantly hungry (why?) I am always up for stretching my pennies as far as they can go.

Reading up about some of the devastating stats made me realise that I could, no I needed to do something more. The exciting thing is that there is actually a lot more to do. But What On Earth can I do?

Some of the stats that blew me away were things like:

  • By 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than marine life...WHAT!
  • Plastic was invented in the 1950's, but between 2003 and 2018, half of the world's plastic that has ever been made was made in this period due to consumer demand. WOW! That includes me!
  • Even though the UK is one of the top 10 countries in the world that are considered "environmentally friendly" still only 1/3 of UK plastic is actually recycled. YEP! You might think that when you place your plastic packaging in your recycling bin that your job is done and that it will be recycled...think again.
  • The global recycling rate is only 9%! This makes mathematical sense if by 2050 we will have more plastic in our oceans than fish.

If this is true ( which it is- truth has a way of punching you in the nose whether you believe it or not) then it means that there are toxic carcinogens degrading in our water table and onto our plates. This can be washed down with a tall glass of micro-plastic water from your tap.

They have already found plastic in human stool samples. YUCK!

 As parents, we want to protect our family, right? Especially what goes into their bodies which fuels their brains and health, together with what is absorbed by their bodies through chemical soaps etc.. I already start to feel the pressure as a parent to add ANOTHER thing to my list, which leaves me overwhelmed and frankly its just easier to believe that I don't need to make a change... someone else will.

But I was deeply convicted of my complacency and lack of moral responsibility when dealing with these issues. I also had a stereo-typical view of which "type" of people love saving the planet, and I didn't consider myself part of "that" group.

What group is that anyway? Don't we all live on this earth?

One day my heart was changed and I couldn't  ignore the pull of responsibility any more...

My deep love for God leads me to believe with all my heart that this world has been created by Him with a purpose, and been given to us to steward. That the way I treat others (my kids, my husband, my friends and family) is a sure sign of what is in my heart. God calls us to look after what He has gifted to us and to have integrity with how we live, where we live, where we work etc. The way we care for things says a lot about our character.

My change of heart ( and humble sorry for all my previous pre-judgements) ignited a passion within me to do something innovative about it.

Not perfection! Not self-righteous judgement! But simply to do something about it!

This is when What On Earth was birthed.

I want to leave a legacy behind of someone who cares, and who cares enough to make simple changes that have extraordinary impacts on the world and those around me. Do you?

Every little bits counts, and I wanted to help make the things we do everyday a little easier by founding an online refill station for household detergents and other cleaning products.

I have a massive vision for what this could look like, and for everyone to get involved without stealing your precious time and without leaving you feeling discouraged when the pressure to do something about this issue confronts you.

If we took the bathwater analogy: some prefer to "pull the plug" on single-use plastic hoping that this would lower the water damage it is causing, but the tap is still running at a faster rate.

Here at What On Earth, we want to "turn off the tap". ( I can hear the echo of my voice daily, shouting these exact words up the stairs to my kids)

How does it work you ask?

Im launching a kickstarter campaign to get as many people on board as we can, who are willing to trial ( oooh exciting) our online refill, plastic-free strategy to COMBAT SINGLE-USE PLASTIC ONE REFILL AT A TIME. This subscription-based model will allow you to sign up once and not think about it again. It will come straight to your door every month with the refills you need/want. You can cancel anytime and rest assure that you are making a massive difference, using an eco-product that works and is not going to break the bank.

Now that sounds good!

Here's a link to a very raw video of what it will look like. We will be posting a new and updated video with all the info soon.

If you are interested in learning more or you are totally sold out and want to join the refill revolution, then sign up on our site and we will get in touch very soon with the kickstarter details for you to get the best discounts that will be available. Don't worry, we won't overload your inbox ( I hate it when that happens) and we are GDPR compliant so please tick the "opt in" box to allow us to send you the news.


Thank you for reading all the way, and hope to have you onboard this exciting new venture.

What have you got to loose?.... Plastic!